1. 4 Steps to Take If You Think You Have a Cavity

    Have you been experiencing pain in your teeth that occurs spontaneously, sometimes without any apparent cause? Or do you sometimes experience mild to sharp pain in a tooth when eating or drinking something sweet, cold, or hot? These are telltale signs that you may have a cavity. Fortunately, our team at Federal Hill Smiles is ready to guide you on your next steps and get you back to eating normall…Read More

  2. 4 Ways to Encourage Your Young One to Take Care of Their Smile

    As a parent, you always want the best for your kids. This is true for all aspects of their health, including their dental care. What can you do to help encourage your kids to be active participants in the health of their teeth, gums, and beautiful smile? Here are just a few tips from your family dental care provider in Baltimore, Federal Hill Smiles!…Read More

  3. 4 Things to Consider When Finding a New Dental Clinic

    Finding the right dental clinic in Baltimore for you and your family can be a challenging task. Even though you may have tried one or two clinics, you may not be completely happy. You can solve this issue by knowing what to look for when you are searching for the best dental clinic.  Here are some points to consider when looking for the best dental office.…Read More

  4. Chipped or Broken Tooth Repair

    A chipped or a broken tooth happens. Whether you got hit in the face with a ball of some type or you just bit into a hard substance, your teeth can become damaged. Federal Hill Smiles offers comprehensive dental care in Baltimore. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and general and family dentistry. We aim to be your go-to dentist when you have a problem or just need a teeth cleanin…Read More

  5. Mouth Breathing and Dentistry

    Humans are created to breathe primarily through their noses. However, as a backup, we can breathe through our mouths, which we sometimes do when our noses are stuffy or we are exercising. However, chronic mouth breathing can lead to dentistry problems down the road, especially in children. Federal Hill Smiles is a local Baltimore dentist that offers a wide variety of dental services, including gen…Read More

  6. A close-up of a smiling woman. Photo by Alexander Krivistskiy on Unsplash.

    Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Right For You?

    In recent years, teeth whitening has been gaining popularity as a cosmetic dental service, but it’s also been diversifying in the ways it can be administered. Although nearly every teeth whitening method can be effective to some extent, there are certainly some treatments that yield better results than others. Furthermore, existing or potential dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum sensitiv…Read More

  7. An anatomical reference model of a skeleton positioned to look as though it is stroking its chin in contemplation. Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash.

    Should You See A Prosthodontist Or A Dentist?

    If you need dental implants, is it better to go to your general dentist or a prosthodontist? Learn the difference and find the provider right for you by reading now! If you aim to take good care of your oral health, you likely visit a dentist’s office at least twice per year. But even the most rigorous brushers and flossers out there can run into issues with their teeth, and dental implants are …Read More

  8. A man wearing a face mask performs dental surgery on a patient. Photo by H Shaw on Unsplash.

    What To Expect From Dental Implant Surgery

    Oral surgery is rarely an anxiety-free event, and this stress can often make an appearance for those anticipating dental implant surgery. By conducting a bit of background research in advance, however, it is easy to diminish these feelings of unease about your upcoming dental implant procedure.  In this article, we’ll discuss the three stages of receiving a dental implant, including what happen…Read More

  9. A grayscale photo of a person stretching their hands out in front of them, as if to shield themselves from a threat. Photo by M.T ElGassier on Unsplash.

    Why Adults Avoid Going to the Dentist

    In the eyes of a child, it can seem as though adults aren’t afraid of anything. They’re big, they’re strong, they work hard, and they make life flow in an easy way. But in fact, one of the most common and widespread fears among older demographics is a phobia of the dentist. Why is this, and how can it be corrected? At Federal Hill Smiles, we understand that not every individual is comfortabl…Read More

  10. A young boy smiles broadly. Photo by kazuend on Unsplash.

    FAQs About Tooth Extraction

    As a child, you likely remember losing your baby teeth. But once your permanent chompers came in, you probably never envisioned losing those. However, tooth extractions are sometimes necessary, even in adulthood, and for good reason. To better understand why having a tooth pulled is common in adulthood, what the process looks like, and why you should not be concerned about the routine procedure, w…Read More