Are your teeth as white as you’d like them to be? Are they cracked, worn, or even chipped? Is your smile a bit too “gummy” for your own liking? Do you think your teeth are too big or too small? Are there alignment or spacing issues, or are they crooked? These are questions some of us ask ourselves from time to time, so don’t feel like you are the only one. If, however, you’d like to learn about the way our Baltimore cosmetic dentist can help solve these issues for you, we are happy to help at Federal Hill Smiles, your Baltimore cosmetic dentistry of choice. Learn more about our smile makeover process at your convenience!

  1. Chipped or Broken Tooth Repair

    A chipped or a broken tooth happens. Whether you got hit in the face with a ball of some type or you just bit into a hard substance, your teeth can become damaged. Federal Hill Smiles offers comprehensive dental care in Baltimore. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and general and family dentistry. We aim to be your go-to dentist when you have a problem or just need a teeth cleanin…Read More

  2. A close-up of a smiling woman. Photo by Alexander Krivistskiy on Unsplash.

    Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Right For You?

    In recent years, teeth whitening has been gaining popularity as a cosmetic dental service, but it’s also been diversifying in the ways it can be administered. Although nearly every teeth whitening method can be effective to some extent, there are certainly some treatments that yield better results than others. Furthermore, existing or potential dental issues, such as tooth decay and gum sensitiv…Read More

  3. A black and white close up photo of a woman smiling with one hand resting on her face. Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash.

    Veneers: What You Need to Know

    There are many reasons why an individual may consider getting dental veneers, whether it’s for functional or aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the exact reason, however, there’s no doubt that there is a lot to know about veneers and much to think about before getting started. In this article, we’ll discuss how porcelain veneers can improve dental health and appearance, as well as what the pr…Read More

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    Which Dental Implant Is Right For You?

    Dental implants have been used for decades for age-related tooth loss, but nowadays, more and more people are relying on these prosthetics for cosmetic purposes. A dental implant is a permanent solution for missing or misshapen teeth that functions by artificially replacing roots or serving as an anchor for crowns, bridges, or dentures.  Whether you’re seeking a dental implant for medical reaso…Read More

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    FAQs About Cosmetic Dentistry

    When most people think of going to the dentist, they think of root canals, cavity fillings, and wisdom teeth removal. Aside from these often necessary procedures, however, there are a number of additional reasons you might visit the dentist. In this article, we'll answer some common questions about cosmetic dentistry and discuss how it might enhance your dental care routine. What is cosmetic denti…Read More